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About us

BETZ Engineering & Technology Zone:
BETZ Engineering & Technology Zone is a professional engineering services organization established in 2002 by a group of aspiring professionals with two decades of experience in the field of Inspection and Non Destructive Testing & Analysis BETZ BETZ acts as quality analyst that conducts on-site and In-house Engineering Inspection Services for Automobile, Energy, Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Shipping.

BETZ -Lab:
BETZ -Lab is established in 2004 at Ambattur Chennai that caters to the daily requirement of the industry and mainly on Auto Components..

BETZ Research & training division:
BETZ Research & training division is an authorized international agent forAmerican Welding Society since 2007 to conduct seminars and exams for the requirement of AWS Certified Welding Inspector, Senior Certified Welding Inspector and Certified Welding Engineer BETZ has produced more than 6000 CWI,SCWI&CWEng and all of them were deployed predominantly in Middle East and North American countries.

BETZ is the only Accredited Test Facility for AWS in India to evaluate and certify skilled welders with a certificate from AWS, USA.

BETZ has tie-ups with leading institutes like Indian Institute of Technology, Coimbatore Institute of Technology etc. and has conducted advanced short term courseson UT, Metallurgy, Welding Procedure Specifications and Performance Qualification Records.

BETZ a corporate partner for ASNT From 2004.

The state-of-art infrastructure under one roof with sophisticated classrooms, Visual Inspection Lab, Ultrasonic Test Equipment, Eddy Current Equipment, Stress and Impact Measurement Equipment, Tensile and Bend Test Equipment, X-Rays, Welding Equipment and Booths, Cutting and Finishing Equipment etc. makes BETZ the preferred choice for many Corporate Clients.

The faculty of BETZ includes Doctorates and Professors who have retired from leading institutions of India. To add value the Code and Practical sessions are handled by industry veterans with huge onsite and deployment experience.

For you to visualize what we have mentioned in the above paragraphs, we have attached a few photographs & Client list in Infrastructure folder.

We certainly hope and assure that we would be a Quality Service & Training partner for all your requirements and in particular NDT, Welding & Metallurgy requirements.

Testing & Inspection and Training & Certification

General Services

Non-Destructive Testing

Training & Certification

PDF    AWS-CWI Brochure
PDF    AWS-CWI Registration
PDF    AWS-CWI Application (Fresh)
PDF    AWS-CWI Re-Test Application
PDF    CWI-Part-B-Practical-Exam-Information
PDF    QC1-2016
PDF    B5.1-2013-AMD1
PDF    CWI-Part-B-BOS-Metric
PDF    AWS-SCWI Brochure
PDF    AWS-SCWI Registration
PDF    AWS-SCWI Application (Fresh)
PDF    SCWI-Re-Xxam-PKG-v3
PDF    1224-Visual-Acuity-From
PDF    AWS - CWEng Part #1&2 Brochure
PDF    AWS - CWEng Part #1&2 Registration
PDF    AWS_CWEngPart #1& 2 Application (Fresh)
PDF    Examination-User-Guide-for-Certified-Welding-Engineer
PDF    Body of Knowledge
PDF    AWS - CWEng Part #3&4 Brochure
PDF    AWS - CWEng Part #3&4 Registration
PDF    AWS_CWEng Part #3 & 4 Application (Fresh)
PDF    B5.16-2006
PDF    Body Of Knowledge
PDF    AWS-CWS Fresh Application
PDF    QC13-2006-1
PDF    B5.9-2006
PDF    CWS-Bok
PDF    AWS-CWSR Fresh Application
PDF    B5.14-2009
PDF    QC14-2009
PDF    Exam Site Code
PDF    AWS -Certified Welder Brochure
EXCE    NDT    Brochure
  EXCE    NDT Registration
  EXCE    NDT Applications
BETZ - International Agency for  AWS
Betz is proud to be one of the international agents hand picked to conduct AWS/CWI, SCWI and other exams on behalf of the American Welding Society, USA. Right now BETZ is conducting its seminars and certification events in India and to be specific, Coimbatore and Chennai.

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