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Course Curriculam

Part -A Fundamentals

Welding Inspection Technology

The Welding Inspection Technology workshop is packed with information on nondestructive examination methods applicable to common welding processes. It will assist welding inspectors and welding educators with knowledge of welding and inspection fundamentals useful on the jobsite.In addition, this seminar will prepare examination candidates for Part A (Fundamentals) of the AWS-CWI examination.

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Part -B Practicals

Visual Inspection

This workshop provides hands-on training in the use of weld measurement tools and plastic weld replicas to determine the sizes of various weld discontinuities. Students will compare what they find to the criteria in a sample codebook to determine the acceptability or rejection criteria of the sample weldments. The workshop also includes a sample practical examination to prepare test candidates for Part B (Practical Applications) of the AWS-CWI examination.

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Part -C Code Book

API 1104 Code Book

four-hour course covers general provisions of API 1104, including qualification of welding procedures for welds containing filler-metal additions, design and preparation of the joint for production welding,nondestructive testing and acceptance standards, and automatic welding with and without filler-metal additions. As in the D1.1 Code Clinic, attendees will practice open codebook testing under time constraints.

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Schedule- 2019-INDIA
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BETZ - International Agency for  AWS
Betz is proud to be one of the international agents hand picked to conduct AWS/CWI, SCWI and other exams on behalf of the American Welding Society, USA. Right now BETZ is conducting its seminars and certification events in India and to be specific, Coimbatore and Chennai.

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